High roller casinos

Picking a casino site when you are playing for higher stakes is a different game than whenever you play for more normal amounts of money.

High roller casino players have a specific set of things they tend to look for when it comes to a site that works for them compared to players who enjoy their favorite games at lower stakes. While there are some similarities, there are other things that come along with playing high stakes games that change the experience, especially when it comes to getting the best value. We want to walk high roller players through the casino selection process in a way that will help them to get the best deals and the best overall experience.

Quick, Reliable Cash Outs

If you’re cashing out $100, and the casino just doesn’t pay out to you like they’re supposed to, that’s pretty unfortunate. However, if you cash out $10,000 and don’t get it, then that’s a whole different level of problem. This simple example illustrates how much more important it is for high roller casino players to stick with sites that have great reputations for fast, reliable withdrawals. There are a few easy things you can do to vet a casino site along these lines.

The license that a site has is the first thing to look at. If they’re licensed in a particularly reputable jurisdiction like the United Kingdom or Malta, you’re almost always going to be in good hands. Jurisdictions like Kahnawake, Gibraltar and Curacao are not terrible, but they aren’t really in the elite tier either. The better licensing the casino has, the faster and more reliable your cash outs will generally be.

You also want to look for a brand that has a solid reputation from players. This will generally include those that have been around for a while since it takes a casino a bit of time to build up their own history. The history of the company that operates the casino is also relevant, and it will tell you a lot about what you can expect in terms of overall service.

Game Selection and Betting Options

Most players only really have to worry about a casino offering the games that they want to play. This is also important for high stakes players since if the casino doesn’t have the titles you prefer, there’s no point in even playing there. This extends beyond just the selection of games for high rollers, however, since the level of available stakes can be just as important.

Different online casino sites have different levels of tolerance of risk for high stakes games. Along these lines, the maximum bet sizes available will depend on their preferences for this type of risk. If you’re a high roller who really wants to play blackjack, but $10 per hand is all a particular casino offers, then that’s virtually as bad of a situation for you as if they didn’t have any blackjack games at all. The maximum betting levels add yet another level of restriction that can keep you away from playing the games that you want to enjoy because of this.

A simple way to find out the betting limits of a casino is to just email their support team or use their live chat option to ask. Many sites particularly those that have been around for a while and that are parts of more established brands, want to stay in contact with high stakes players like this so that they can offer special betting limits that aren’t available to most players. However, if you don’t ask about these options, you may never know they exist.

Promotions and Loyalty Programs

Since you’re playing for more money than most players, you also have to deal with the reality of the situation that virtually all promotions are geared towards players at low and medium stakes. The bonuses that most players use won’t really be of much use to you, so you should look out for the sites that have high roller deposit bonuses and other special offers that give value on the scale that you’re really looking for. You’ll also get better wagering requirements and other terms and conditions as a sort of reward for playing for so much money at one time.

While the more typical promotions like bonuses, free spins and leaderboard contests are nice, they don’t normally give enough value to be worth your time. Loyalty programs that give points based on the amount of real money play you put in will tend to be a better deal, and it all comes down to the fact that you’ll get more value with this type of promotional structure. The irony of it is that low-stakes and mid-stakes players tend to get less value from VIP programs like this simply because they don’t put as much real money play in.

Customer Service Considerations

Support and customer service are more important whenever you’re playing for higher amounts of money because a simple software or connectivity issue can make it seem like there’s a lot more on the line when there’s $20,000 in your account balance compared to $200. Having a direct line to the customer service team is a good perk that most online casino sites offer, and you should make sure to take advantage because of this type of situation. Getting peace of mind is an extremely important part of high stakes casino play, and that’s what you should aim for along these lines.

Putting It All Together

The main thing to understand is that high roller play isn’t just like small stakes play with a couple of zeros added to the numbers. It affects everything from the bet sizes you have available to the relative value you get from promotions and loyalty programs. It even affects how you deal with the support team, so you have to make the right adjustments. If you do so within the guidelines that we’ve went through here, you’ll put the right foot forward and have much better chances of having a fun experience.