EU Casinos

In the entire world, Europe is the place that has the best regulatory structures for online casinos. In turn, that means that players get the best that the industry as a whole has to offer as the region is a hotbed for innovation and upward pressure to give players better experiences and a better value. If you’re looking to play with EU casinos, there are a few main things you should look out for, and we’re going to break all of it down piece-by-piece to show you how to make the best decision about where to play.


Europe is one of the places in the world where playing with heavily regulated sites will actually be the best option. Most Western European countries have their own regulatory regimes, and you’ll generally need to play with the sites that operate within those regulatory structures. You may be blocked from other sites along these lines, but more often than not, the sites that are regulated in Europe are also the ones that will give you the most reliable service. Licenses from the United Kingdom, Malta and Gibraltar are generally the best to have along these lines.

The Games You Want to Play

Once you have verified that a site is licensed and that you can trust them to pay out when they are supposed to and provide good service, then you’re in a position to see which games they have available. This is a very important thing to check out because nothing is worse than depositing to an online casino only to realize that they don’t even have the titles that you were interested in. Take a look at their full game selection and how that matches up with the types of games you’re interested in playing with. If they match up, then that’s great. If not, then you should look somewhere else.

Software Selection

Related to the idea of game selection is the concept of software selection, and this has to do with picking out sites that have content from specific software developers in the industry. If you know what your favorites are, then you can narrow down your search based purely on software.

This also includes the types of platforms that are used. For example, a desktop player might have a preference between a downloadable installation program or a platform that just runs straight from a web browser. The former will tend to only work on Windows-based systems, but you can play the latter from Mac or Linux computers as well.

Mobile Play

There are many EU casinos and software companies that service those casinos who have seen total mobile play reach the same levels as more traditional play from desktops, which is why it’s important that you play with a site that has strong mobile capabilities. If you aren’t looking to play from mobile now, that could definitely change in the future, so you still have an incentive to go with a casino that uses a strong, flexible mobile platform that would let you get in on the action from a smartphone or tablet.

Banking and Customer Service

Virtually all EU casinos have a great selection of banking methods available. With that having been said, you should still take a moment to verify that the site you’re considering has both your primary and secondary payment options for deposits and withdrawals. Having a secondary option helps to avoid situations where your primary method is down for some reason, which can leave you without a clear path on how to cash out or make a deposit.

In terms of customer service, virtually every EU casino will have support available 24/7/365. The only thing you really need to focus on here is if you have a preference for a live chat messenger or a telephone option. Some casinos only have one or the other, so take a moment to check it out to make sure they have the option that you want before you commit to a deposit.